First Tier Organizing & Cleaning takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom organizing and cleaning solutions that exceed expectations.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these reviews from our clients:

First Tier Organizing & Cleaning is simply the BEST! I can’t say enough positive things about Mark and his team’s strong work ethic and professional demeanor. I highly recommend working with them for all your organizational and cleaning needs. They are thoughtful, efficient and have just enough toughness to help keep you on task and get the job done. They have worked wonders in my apartment. No task is too big or too overwhelming. They are super detail oriented and make you feel comfortable knowing there is light at the end of your mess! My apartment is now immaculate and perfectly organized. My entire wardrobe including; shoes, pocketbooks, dresses, jeans, etc. are all labeled and color coordinated. Simply put-Mark and his team are the best! Friendly, encouraging, and FAST! I enjoy the weekly cleaning service and look forward to my next organizing project with them!
— Jennifer P., Special Events Planner - New York, NY
I’ve been using Mark’s services for three years. My place was a wreck and its magical how he has transformed it. Getting things organized and sorted; throwing out all sorts of outdated and useless stuff. Very highly recommended!
— Arthur F., Lawyer - Brooklyn, NY
Mark and his team have an impeccable work ethic. They are organized, punctual, honest and efficient. I love coming home to a freshly cleaned and organized house smelling of green, non-toxic cleaning products. They have a great attitude and are very pleasant to have around. I highly recommend First Tier Organizing & Cleaning to anyone looking for help in the housekeeping area.
— Jessica E., School Teacher - Westchester County, NY
Mark is amazing. He listened - even though I am not organized on a daily basis I certainly know where I want my things placed and how often I need to use them. We first decided on keep, donate, throw away. As usual I kept most of my things. Most importantly I decided how often I needed to use different items, paperwork - by age (how long do I need to keep it; clothes by season; cosmetics by what I use day to day; what I use on special occasions... You should definitely call him.
— Sandra P., Banker - Westchester County, NY
Mark has been helping me keep my home organized for over two years. It has been great having him come over once a month for 6 hours to help keep all the rooms in my home organized. He created an amazing organizational system in my home office as well as other rooms that make it easy for me to maintain. However, I find that it’s very helpful to have him come over to tidy up. With my busy life there is no way I could have kept my house so organized. He has been a vital part of my life and I am grateful. I highly recommend Mark for any type of organizing project.
— Ariba M., Medical Doctor - Rockland County, NY
Mark did a superlative job organizing my home. He listened to my concerns and understood what needed to be done. After we reviewed the spaces that required de-cluttering and organizing, I felt confident allowing him to take control of the project. He created a functional space for my home office giving everything its own place. He also did an amazing job on my hallway closet. He categorized all of my toiletries, giving each type of product its own drawer, and even adding labels to clearly mark the front of each drawer. I’m so happy with how everything turned out! I highly recommend Mark for any organizing need!
— Angela P., Social Worker - Westchester County, NY
Mark was a pleasure to work with from the ease of scheduling to the finished product. I could not be happier with the outcome. I highly recommend Mark and will never organize a closet on my own again!
— Lauren M., Accountant - Westchester County, NY